Shout out to Greenville veterinarians that help PAALS

PAALS is working to get puppies in the upstate through their Prison PAALS program. Hopefully before the end of the year, they will have 4 pups in the area - this means opportunities for more people to get involved with this amazing organization here in Greenville.

Sami's vet, Dr. Davis at East Greenville Animal Hospital has partnered with PAALS to take care of three of the puppies that will be growing up here.  For PAALS, Dr. Davis is a Valued Veterinarian partner and is an integral part of the PAALS team.  PAALS still needs more Valued Veterinarian partners - if you are a veterinarian interested in participating, you can contact PAALS at or (803) 788-7063.

Today, Sami and I attended an open house at Crosswinds Animal Hospital.  They are also supporting PAALS by donating a portion of things that they sell to PAALS (thank you Crosswinds!).  We had a really great time and got to meet another PAALS client who is waiting for a PAALS Ministry dog.