Life Rolls On

Sami and I went to the most amazing event on the beach today put on by a charity called "Life Rolls On."  Life Rolls On was founded by Jesse Billauer - who was a surfer on the verge of going pro when he suffered a spinal chord injury and became a quadriplegic. The organization is designed to give "hope, independence, freedom, happiness, and inspiration."  Check out their website at

There were hundreds of volunteers - all helping physically disabled people surf.  They would roll them out into the water in specially designed wheel chairs where a team of people would put an individual on a surf board and stay with them while they were able to ride waves into the beach. The cheering was heartfelt and there were smiles all around - on the surfers faces, on the volunteers and on those that were only watching.

I was truly inspired.  I found out that this is the second year in a row Life Rolls On has sponsored an event at Carolina Beach and that they will likely be back next year due to local support, and I hope to help next year.  If there is ever an event in your area - don't miss it!