Eagle Scout Project Supporting Veterans

Will and RC

Will and RC

Mattox Boyce, a friend and neighbor, has chosen to hold a supply drive for PAALS for his Eagle Scout project. He would specifically like to support the PAALS Rob's Best Friend Fund whose goal is to provide service dogs to our public servants who are in need without requiring them to fund raise to support the service.

PAALS believes that these individuals have already served us and should be repaid with our support in their time of need.

Mattox will also be working to raise awareness about the benefits of service dogs and will be talking at Scout meetings, Army and Navy alumni groups and perhaps even other veteran groups. Sami and I hope to join him at some of these meetings.

I asked Mattox why he selected PAALS for his Eagle Scout project. 

I selected PAALS as my Eagle Scout project for two main reasons. First, my family has military ties and I have read many stories about how service dogs have helped veterans such as Purple Heart Winner and former Clemson football player Daniel Rodriguez that suffer from PTSD successfully return to everyday life. Secondly, I have personally seen the positive impact Sami has had on your life and I want to help someone else receive the positive benefits of a service dog.
— Mattox

Mattox was also inspired by watching a video of Will, a veteran with PTSD who has a PAALS service dog. Will credits his service dog, RC, for saving his life. I agree with Mattox, the video is impactful - I hope you will watch it!


Mattox has already held a supply drive and spent an afternoon educating the community about PAALS, Service Dogs and Rob's Best Friend Fund!