I'm giving, will you?

Midlands Gives starts tonight at midnight and it's a great way to support a charity because your dollars are multiplied!  Check out www.midlandsgive.com to find out how to make a difference with a donation of $20 or more.

PAALS, the organization I got Sami from is one of the charities that Midlands Gives supports. PAALS has been operated out of their founder's home for many years, and the money they receive from this campaign will go towards a desperately needed new facility and to help fund service dogs for veterans with PTSD (check out the video below to see how PAALS helps veterans).

The best times to donate are during the power hours when PAALS can earn more $ at 6am-7, noon-1, 7pm-8pm. Every 100 dollar donation made between 5-5:15pm will also get matched. And, PAALS has an anonymous donor who will match anytime up to $2500!  Join Sami and I in making a difference!