Buena Vista Elementary

It's been a busy fall of building websites! I'm excited to launch my most recent site - Buena Vista Elementary PTA (I went to school at BV 1st - 5th grade). 

This website is a little bigger than any others I have built and I'm excited about the tool it will be for the PTA. They do a lot of great things, and it gives them an avenue to let people know how to
Get Involved!

I will use their donation to give back to multiple charities - I'm very thankful to be able to contribute!

Check out their new site at www.bvpta.net.

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Head Coach Haircuts

I'm pleased to launch Head Coach Haircuts new website! Head Coach is owned and operated by some amazing families here in Greenville. They have three locations in the upstate, and have been open for eleven years. 

This website was fun to do - it's sport's themed - just like Head Coach Haircuts. And, Made By Mer was able to make a donation to WAM! (We Are More). WAM! is a collection of young adults raising awareness and advocating for those living with disabilities, chronic and mental illness. 

Thank you Head Coach Haircuts for giving me the opportunity to work with you!

You can visit the site at www.headcoachhaircuts.com

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Run for Gold

I was privileged to get to build a website for Cameron as part of her project that will help her earn her Girl Scout Gold Award. Cameron is a member of Troop #2549 and they have supported PAALS, a charity very close to my heart, for over five years now. 

These amazing girls started with raising money for my service dog (Sami), and have since raised money for more service dogs, sponsored a new puppy, educated the community on service dogs, and helped PAALS when they had their devastating flood just last year.

I love what Cameron is doing for her Gold Award. Please visit her site at www.runforgold.info.

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Patrona Medical

I am so excited to announce the launch of the Patrona Medical website! Patronal Medical specializes in wireless sensor technology and they provide product innovations associated with the detection and monitoring of patients during their hospital stay.   

It was great to be able to help a company that is creating devices to help patients. And, of course I'm very happy that another $1,000 is going to a Made By Mer charity. Thank you to everyone at Patrona Medical for choosing Made By Mer to build your website and for making a difference in the lives of chronically ill or disabled people.

Check out their site at www.patronamedical.com.

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The Sick Chicks

I'm so excited to launch the second Made By Mer website for a couple of reasons. The first one being that I built it for one of my best friends who has many of the same challenges I do.  Shira and I met four years ago in a hotel lobby when we both had appointments in Ohio with a POTS doctor (Shira lives in California and I live in South Carolina). I’m so glad we’ve become such good friends.  

Secondly, what Shira is doing with her website is really spectacular. She is bringing together a community of girls that have illnesses, yet have chosen to overcome. The community will inspire, connect and just make the world a better place.  I’m excited to be a part of it. 

Lastly, I think it's great that Made By Mer will be making its first donation to Global Genes, an organization that truly deserves the support.  

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Palmetto Bed Swing Company

Working with Palmetto Bed Swing Company is what inspired the idea for Made By Mer.  

Our friends who started Palmetto Bed Swing Company also have a PAALS facility dog.  I decided it would be fun to build them a site for a donation to a mutual favorite charity! As the site began to come together - I got very excited about the possibilities of helping other people and charities.

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