It's Easy As 1-2-3 (And 4-5-6)!

Step 1


If you like my website or others I have built and are in need of a website that is less than 10 pages, contact me through  Tell me about what you are looking for and how quickly you need your website completed.


Step 2


If you decide to move forward with Made By Mer, you will need to provide me with your logo, photos for your website, and the content you want on each website page.  You can e-mail this information to


Step 3


After I have created your site, I will send you a link where you can view it and you can give me your feedback on edits.


Step 4


If you do not have a url, you will need to purchase one and provide me with the domain credentials.  If you need help with this, I can get my friend David (a website developer) to give us a hand.

 I will need to get your credit card to input into the system for hosting and it will be billed directly.  Check it out to see all the benefits of using this system.


Step 5


Pick one of my charities and make a $2,000 donation.  100% of your tax deductible donation will go to PAALS, TCAPP, Dysautonomia International, or Global Genes, and you will receive a receipt from the respective organization.


Step 6


I will launch your site!  You'll have an amazing new internet tool and will have done something great to help others in the process!